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The Spiritual Council in Africa (TSCA) is a South African Non-Profit Organisation established on March 20th, 2021, in commemoration of the United Nations’ International Day of Happiness.

Our Directors and Founders share a unifying vision: “Uplifting humanity through the empowerment of our youth.”
This vision has swiftly propelled The Spiritual Council to become the African chapter of the global platform known as United Consciousness.
The Spiritual Council has identified seven core sets of limiting beliefs ingrained in society that create divisions among humanity.

These beliefs are as follows:

  1. Hatred
  2. Intolerance
  3. Racial Divisions
  4. Religious Segregation
  5. Gender Inequality
  6. Economic Disparities
  7. National Discouragement

Our mission is to guide the youth in collectively healing these divisive beliefs by reinstating the universal concept of Oneness through an inclusive spiritual development approach known as “Omnism”.

The primary goal of The Spiritual Council is to foster unity within diversity by providing free educational programs and practical seminars aimed at promoting these values. We are achieving this goal by establishing centres in major townships across South Africa to extend our reach.

Our efforts are supported by generous donors and a dedicated network of volunteers who contribute their time and services to our projects.

You are welcome to visit our Project Page for deeper insights and to support our causes through donations.

Over and above covering the local reach, our Executive Director, Valentina Cortini, is an active Board Member of United Consciousness, a coalition of NGOs – with a presence on every continent – all sharing a common vision, pooling resources, offering teachings, and working together to enhance the well-being of humanity.

Our shared objectives include:

  • Recognizing and promoting Spiritual Teachings
  • Raising Spiritual Awareness and Equality
  • Fostering an understanding of non-religious spiritual practices
  • Advocating the right to spiritual expression
  • Linking Spirituality with well-being
  • Cultivating happiness in the present moment, by addressing limiting beliefs and trauma
  • Healing ancestral wounds
  • Finding unity within diversity, recognising one consciousness and one being.

The Spiritual Council is also advising on the board of United Consciousness Global Youth (UCGY).
UCGY seeks to identify young people between the ages of 10 and 24 who are inspired to contribute towards solving planetary issues for the benefit of humankind.
UCGY aims to develop potential global change makers from all six continents, establishing a voice for peace and unity among future generations, incubate ideas and nurture creative solutions to better the world, and provide a platform for dialogue and peaceful exchange.

Board Members

Brendon Schutte

Neo Brendon Mogodi-Schutte

Founding Director | Communication Director

Neo Brendon Mogodi-Schutte, a native of Kuruman in the Northern Cape, South Africa, was born in 1997. In his birth year, he was lovingly adopted by an Afrikaans couple. Today, he resides in Johannesburg and stands as one of the Co-Founders of The African Spiritual Council.

Brendon’s spiritual journey commenced when he was 21 years old. This transformative period bestowed upon him a remarkable gift—the ability to heal others. His unwavering commitment to spiritual healing, Pranic Energy Healing, and psychology embodies his pursuit of knowledge in these profound fields.

His present focus is on unraveling the intricacies of human consciousness and comprehending the current reality that envelops us all. At the core of his mission lies the aspiration to guide humanity toward a path of peace and love. He passionately believes, drawing from his own experiences, that we are all interconnected, and unity is our shared destiny.

Brendon’s journey exemplifies the core values of inclusivity and equality, inspiring us all to recognize the oneness that binds us together as a global community.

Valentina Cortini

Valentina Cortini

Founder & Non-Executive Director

Valentina Cortini, with her rich tapestry of experiences spanning two continents, embodies the spirit of altruism and holistic wellness.

Born in Italy and having spent a significant chapter of her life in Kenya, she amassed expertise in a variety of fields including real estate, interior design, accounting, and hospitality.
This multifaceted background laid a robust foundation for her eventual journey into the realms of holistic therapy and energy healing.

In 2017, a new chapter began when Valentina moved to South Africa, a move that not only represented a physical transition but also a profound shift in her life’s mission.

It was in South Africa , inspired by the vibrant tapestry of cultures and the palpable need for spiritual and emotional healing, that the Spiritual Council NPC was conceived.

Under her vision, the non profit organization is become a beacon of hope and transformation, leveraging the power of holistic psychotherapy, Somatic Transformation Therapy, Neuroplasticity, and Pranic Energy Healing to effect change in individuals and communities alike.

Beyond her role as a founder, Valentina has also been instrumental in shaping the global conversation on wellness and mindfulness as a volunteer Advisory Member for the Global NGO United Consciousness. Her efforts here are not just about spreading awareness but actively contributing to a global shift towards mindfulness, youth development, and a compassionate consciousness that prioritizes the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants.

Valentina’s deep spiritual roots and her unwavering commitment to service shine through her life. She believes in the power of collective action and the importance of nurturing a global consciousness that embraces mindfulness, care for each other, and stewardship of the environment. Her life’s work, encapsulated by the initiatives she spearheads and supports, is a testament to her belief in making a tangible difference, giving voice to the voiceless, and paving the way for a more mindful and connected world.

For a more detailed exploration of Valentina Cortini’s work and the initiatives of the Spiritual Council NPC, visiting their website would provide comprehensive insights: www.spiritualcouncil.org.

Vikrant Singh

Dr Vikrant Singh Tomar

Board Advisor

Dr. Vikrant Singh Tomar is a globally recognized scholar, educator, author, and management consultant with international NLP certification. His research focus is on ancient spiritual wisdom and its relevance to modern life. He has conducted Express Talks, EDPs, and MDPs on life management and ancient Vedic wisdom, benefiting over 240,000 individuals across 30+ countries.

As a trainer, he has served Cabinet Ministers, MLAs, Defense and Paramilitary officers, and multinational corporations. He authored “Rule the World as Krishna Did” and “Vedanta and Life Management.” Driven by the blessings of His Holiness Dalai Lama, he’s the Convener of the ‘Global Institute of United Consciousness,’ working on the world’s first ‘Integrated Manual of Humanity’ and ‘Manual of Human Happiness.’

Dr. Tomar is the founder of ‘United Consciousness Global,’ operating across all six continents, fostering unity beyond boundaries. He advises the European Yoga Federation, Italy, and leads ‘Project Inc. USA,’ promoting Vedantic philosophy and culture worldwide. He’s also the force behind ‘Akshara Kids Academy’ in India, combining Vedic heritage with Western education. Additionally, he’s the founder and Director of ‘UMS INDIA,’ a prominent training and consultancy organization in India.

PhD., MBA, MJMC, MPA, MA (Phil.), DTD, CHR,

PGDYEP, BBA, PLRT, CPNLP 09826066939