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Standing Tall For Our Nation

Fellow South Africans, our homeland still needs your help to rise again.

The Spiritual Council reaches where government support falls short, bringing hope to communities devastated by the 2021 July riots.

By September 2021, your donations from across the globe totaled R136,000, with our brothers and sisters in Australia as the largest contributors. 

Within a month, we helped rebuild 3 businesses completely destroyed in the riots – a salon, business center, and bakery. They reopened and paid progress forward, thanks to your combined generosity. (See their inspiring stories in our videos.)

But for every 3 families back on their feet, hundreds more await assistance to restart their livelihoods.

Together, we can empower South Africans to rebuild stronger than ever. Our goal is a self-sustaining nation where all have the opportunity to succeed.

Backing each other now lifts our homeland for generations to come. What happens to one South African happens to us all. 

Give our people the tools to reconstruct their dignity. Help write a story of prosperity for their children. Your support is needed today.

United as one people, we can overcome any hardship.


(Donations provide equipment to help affected small businesses to reopen.)





In order to help us assist more businesses that are still struggling,
please feel free to make a donation of any kind by clicking on the donate link below