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The Spiritual Council, a devoted organization committed to nurturing the mental and spiritual well-being of the youth, especially focusing on the African youth, envisions a significant mission in Africa. Our primary aim is to establish youth educational centers in various townships across South Africa, commencing with the Alexandra Township.

Since July 2021, we have partnered with a local community initiative named “Indoni Beautiful Seeds” to provide educational and daycare support to the youth of this community. This ongoing endeavor, known as the “Alexandra Youth Empowerment Project,” seeks to impart a fundamental belief to the youth from an early age: they are not mere products of their environment and circumstances, but rather the architects of their own future.

The existing daycare support, administered with unwavering dedication by Noni of Indoni Beautiful Seeds in her private residence, has served as a beacon of hope. However, our aspiration is to broaden our outreach by establishing a dedicated space for educational and healing activities, ensuring that we can provide our youth with a safer, more structured, and supervised environment.


The Build a Base Project Center is designed to cater to the youth of the Alexandra community aged between 4 and 25 years. Initially, we aim to accommodate 50 children daily, offering them a secure environment for nurturing their talents and individuality. From this center, we will deliver a variety of activities, including meals and educational programs, enabling these young individuals to harness their inner strength and overcome the challenges they face.

These activities are made possible through the dedication of our volunteers who have received comprehensive training from experts like Simone Armellini and Valentina Cortini in counseling and mental health healing modalities.

The Build a Base Project Center is a visionary concept that utilizes three repurposed shipping containers, transformed into fully functional “Edutainers” or Early Childhood Development Centers (ECDCs). These Edutainers are instant classrooms made from 12-meter (40-foot) shipping containers, each capable of accommodating up to 25 children.

The meticulous conversion process involves equipping the Edutainer with windows and doors, insulation, electricity, furnishings, and subsequent installation on prepared concrete foundations within the community. These transformed classrooms are characterized by insulated ceilings, large windows, heating systems, educational tools, electricity, and enhanced security features. Moreover, they are adorned with vibrant, weather-resistant paint on the exterior and filled with school furniture and educational toys, ensuring inclusivity for disabled children.

The Bright Kid Foundation, following a site assessment, constructs and delivers the Edutainers to the designated site, with provisions for fencing, running water, ablution facilities, and security.


Our dedicated team of volunteers, led by Brendon, undergo continuous training to deliver a range of activities including:

  • Yoga & Meditation: Scientifically proven to instill peace and heightened self-awareness in the mind and body, these practices not only promote self-empowerment but also enhance focus and goal achievement. Introducing these practices from a young age amplifies their benefits.
  • Youth Counseling Therapy: Listening to the children’s needs, allowing them to express their feelings, fears, and aspirations, is a healing process. It serves as the first step toward fostering healthier minds.
  • Arts & Creativity: Encouraging children to explore their creative potential through activities such as painting, music with guitars and piano helps them channel their energy positively, steering them away from harmful pursuits.
  • Skills Transfer: Equipping youth with essential life skills, such as planning, focus, self-control, awareness, and flexibility, is crucial for their success in various aspects of life. For older youth, we offer upskilling programs to enhance their employability and support local businesses.

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Children represent humanity’s most precious resource, and it is our collective duty as adults to create fertile ground for their growth into the finest versions of themselves, as they are the future of our nation and continent.

The Spiritual Council, through the Alexandra Youth Empowerment Project, is wholeheartedly committed to investing time, resources, and knowledge in shaping a brighter future for our youth. Achieving this noble objective is a shared responsibility, and we eagerly anticipate your invaluable contributions and collaboration in this endeavor.

Helping us achieve this  goal is a shared responsibility , as such we look forward to your invaluable input and collaboration.


Together, we can move mountains.